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Ancient Drone

Advanced Science End Times Great Flood
Ancient Drone - Bizarre object was found buried 40 metres underground by excavators working in Siberia, Russia

Archaeology's Revelations

Advanced Science Great Flood History
Archaeology's Revelations - This is a really neat video that rakes across the history of the world.

Biblical Birth Cycle

Creation Holy Days Medical
Biblical Birth Cycle - How the pregnancy birth cycle follows the pattern of biblical holy days

Tabernacle Of Life

Creation End Times Holy Days
Tabernacle Of Life - Feast of Tabernacles defined in the Bible

Last Great Day

End Times Holy Days Salvation
Last Great Day - The eight day, the last day of the feast of tabernacles

High Priest

Oneness Salvation Spirit Faith
High Priest - This is an overview of our savior the high priest


History Persecution Spirit Faith
Hanukkah - Eight day dedication explained


Advanced Science Creation End Times
Water - Water stores records in earth