Spirit Faith Ministry

Genesis One

Advanced Science Creation History
Jesus was the first born of all creation. From him all things were created.

Living Water

Advanced Science Creation End Times
Water - Water stores records in earth


History Persecution Spirit Faith
Hanukkah - Eight day dedication explained

High Priest

Oneness Salvation Spirit Faith
High Priest - This is an overview of our savior the high priest

Last Great Day

End Times Holy Days Salvation
Last Great Day - The eight day, the last day of the feast of tabernacles

Tabernacle Of Life

Creation End Times Holy Days
Tabernacle Of Life - Feast of Tabernacles defined in the Bible

Biblical Birth Cycle

Creation Holy Days Medical
Biblical Birth Cycle - How the pregnancy birth cycle follows the pattern of biblical holy days

Archaeology's Revelations

Advanced Science Great Flood History
Archaeology's Revelations - This is a really neat video that rakes across the history of the world.

Ancient Drone

Advanced Science End Times Great Flood
Ancient Drone - Bizarre object was found buried 40 metres underground by excavators working in Siberia, Russia